Bonds offer a wealth of opportunities

Diversify your portfolio, gain predictability and use your Bonds as collateral for margin trading.

Best Execution

You decide on the trade, and we provide the best price*. Our platform provides automated access to multiple exchanges and liquidity sources, automatically directing your trade to the one with the best conditions at that moment.

* Best accessible price from up to 40 global bond providers and major exchanges called by Saxo’s algorithm

Global Access

Our range does not stop at the big currencies and markets. In addition to government and corporate Bonds from the US and Europe, you gain access to selected high yield and emerging market paper including LATAM, APAC and MENA in both USD and local currency.

Reliability and Service

Yes, our trading technology and cross-asset platforms are reliable, but it goes beyond that. True reliability means liquidity, transparent pricing, market access and a commitment to client support and long-term client relationships.​​

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Product Risk

​ Danish banks are required to categorise investment products offered to retail clients depending on the product’s complexity and risk as: green, yellow or red.

Bonds are categorised as either green, yellow or red products depending on the individual instrument. For more information about the categorisation of the individual instrument and the level of risk involved, please see the 'Product Risk Categorisation' located under our General Business Terms.

General Business Terms


For most bonds, in particular corporate bonds, bid and offer prices are not public available and transparent, as the majority of trading takes place outside regulated marketplaces. Bonds are traded OTC with Saxo Bank as counterpart, and OTC trading conditions apply. Please see Saxo Bank's execution policy for further information. ​