​Platform Tips: 1-click and 2-click trading​​

By default, all trades and orders placed through SaxoTrader SaxoWebTrader and the SaxoTraderGO platforms require 2 clicks as a safety mechanism to avoid placing mis-trades. 
SaxoTrader, SaxoWebTrader and SaxoTraderGO (desktop only) offer aggressive 1-click trading where no confirmations are required when placing trades and orders.​

To enable 1-click trading in SaxoTrader

  1. Click Trade Settings  > Trading in the Trading toolbar
  2. Under 2-Click Trading:
  • Uncheck Enable for direct (spot) trading to enable 1-click trading for FX and CFD trades on live tradable prices.
  • Uncheck Enable when placing and changing orders to enable 1-click placing and editing trade orders.

To enable 1-click trading in SaxoTraderGO

Under Settings:

  • Select 1-click

Note: 1-click is only available in desktop browsers, 2-click trading is always used on Phones and on Tablets. ​​​​​