New features in SaxoTraderGO​


A number of new features will be released on the SaxoTraderGO platform in December:

Touch login from apps for iPhones and iPads with touch login capabilities

In December, the SaxoTraderGO App for iPhones and iPads will offer touch login to the SaxoTraderGO platform on devices that have touch login capabilities. 


When we release the app, a popup-up message will ask you if you want to enable Touch ID to Log into the platform.

​Multi-screen Chart support in desktop browsers

SaxoTraderGO will allow the chart to be opened in a separate browser window and located on a separate screen.


Chat in SaxoTraderGO​

The Chat module will be released in December on SaxoTraderGO on all devices including desktop,image_8_5.png 

tablets and Smartphones, allowing you to chat directly with your Sales Trader​ at Saxo Bank.

​In​strument Search improvements in SaxoTraderGO

Search throughout the SaxoTraderGO platform will be improved by collapsing secondary listings of an instrument beneath a primary listing:

  • simplifying the search results
  • making it easier to select primary listings
  • offering easy access to secondary listings by un-collapsing the result

Secondary Stock listings

Secondary stock listings will be collapsed beneath the primary listing: image_8_6.png

​Futures contract expiries

Different expiries of Futures Contracts will be collapsed beneath the front-running contract (with theimage_8_7.png nearest expiry):

Futures Spread months

Different month combination of Futures Spreads will be collapsed beneath the front-running Spread (with the nearest expiry).

​New Android App

Download our new SaxoTraderGO App for Android Phone or Tablet giving easy access to 

image_8_8.pngSaxoTraderGO and Push Notifications on Trade and order confirmations.

NOTE: The old SaxoMobileTrader Android App has been discontinued - download our new SaxoTraderGO Android App from the Google Play Store to access the SaxoTraderGO platform.

Android 4.4 or above is required for the new SaxoTraderGO App. For older Android versions from 4.1 you can access SaxoTraderGO directly from www.saxotrader.com.