Announcing the end-of-Life of SaxoWebTrader, 
SaxoMobileTrader and SaxoTabletTrader​


Following the successful launch of SaxoTraderGO, the retirement date for our old web-based platforms is hereby announced:

  • SaxoMobileTrader and SaxoTabletTrader will be discontinued from the end of September 2015
  • SaxoWebTrader will be discontinued from the end of 2015

SaxoMobileTrader and SaxoTabletTrader


Most traders using SaxoMobileTrader and SaxoTabletTrader have already been migrated to the SaxoTraderGO platform through automatic update of their iOS Apps.

We encourage other users to migrate to the SaxoTraderGO platform as soon as possible. SaxoTraderGO offers a far superior trading experience and trading tools to the old SaxoMobileTrader and SaxoTabletTrader.


On Android devices, our App is being discontinued and will be updated for the last time in September to direct you to the new SaxoTraderGO platform.

Access the SaxoTraderGO platform directly through:

Alternatively new SaxoTrader Widget, giving easy access to the SaxoTraderGO platform from you Android desktop, is available from the Google play store

It will not be possible to access the SaxoMobileTrader and SaxoTabletTrader after September 2015.


The end-of-life for the SaxoWebTrader platform is now set for the end of 2015 and we encourage users to transition to the new SaxoTraderGO platform before this date.​​