Chart enhancements in the SaxoTraderGO platform​

A number of enhancements will be released to the Chart in the SaxoTraderGO platform on 2nd November:

  • Support for 2 instruments
  • Bandwidth on Bollinger Bands Study

Support for 2 instruments on the chart

The chart tool in SaxoTraderGO will offer 2 instruments on the same chart. To add a second instrument, click the + icon:


When two instruments are shown, studies and annotations can be added to either of the instruments, which you select when you add a study / annotation.

Bandwidth on Bollinger Bands

A new Bandwidth on Bollinger Band study will be available from the Studies menu in the chart from early November. 


Derived from Bollinger Bands, Bandwidth on Bollinger Bands shows the difference between the upper and lower bands. Bandwidth decreases as the Bollinger Bands narrow and increases as they widen. Because Bollinger Bands are based on the standard deviation, falling / rising bandwidths indicate falling / increasing volatilities.​​