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Broad global selection

Trade 3,101 ETFs & ETCs on 36 stock exchanges worldwide in the same way that you trade Stocks. ETFs and ETCs are passively managed by tracking an index and thus giving them a low-cost structure.

Cost-efficient market access

Go long or short on grouped instruments as a single order for optimal cost efficiency. Trade on live, transparent prices and enjoy all the advantages of traditional fund investing.

Easy diversification

Diversify your portfolio and spread risk without hassle – while gaining exposure to Stocks, Bonds, commodities or currency indices with a particular focus, such as region, emerging markets, sectors or industries.

Rates & conditions Standard Active*
NASDAQ & NYSE 2 cps 6.00 USD
London Stock Exchange 0.10% 8.00 GBP
Deutsche Börse (XETRA) 0.12% 9.00 EUR
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Saxo Bank Features

ETF model portfolios

Quickly create your portfolio with just the right amount of risk and investment that best suits your trading style. The ETF model portfolio service intelligently creates a set of ETFs that are diversified according to your desired investment profile.

ETFs as collateral

Get up to 75% of the current value of your ETFs, or up to 60% of your ETCs, as collateral for margin trading.

Select and invest with just a few clicks

The ETF model portfolio service offers four different model types divided by risk level: Conservative, Moderate, Balanced and Aggressive. By simply entering your desired risk level and investment amount, you can immediately see which equities are included and how much of the total each equity comprises.

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Product Risk

Danish banks are required to categorise investment products offered to retail clients depending on the product’s complexity and risk as: green, yellow or red.

ETFs are categorised as yellow or red products depending on the individual instrument. For more information about the categorisation of the individual instrument and the level of risk involved, please see the Product Risk Categorisation located under our General Business Terms.

General Business Terms

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