Trading in the SaxoTraderGO​ platform​ - Video Script


  1. Let's begin by creating a new Watchlist.
  2. Click on the drowpdown menu and select + New List
  3. Click on ADD INSTRUMENT and type in the search field the instrument you are looking for. For example EURUSD.
  4. To add more instruments click again on ADD INSTRUMENT and type in the search field. In our example CFD DAX.
  5. Drag and drop the instrument if you wish to change the ranking.
  6. You can rename the watch list by simply clicking on RENAME, in our example Day Trading. Press Ok.
  7. You can choose the layout of the list by clicking on Layout. There are 3 options to choose from, in our example, we choose Double Row.
  8. You can save these setting by clicking on DONE.
  9. Modifications made on the workspace during the trading sessions are carried over to your tablet or mobile phone application.​


  1. Before you place your order you can check the price movement of the selected product. In our example EURUSD.
  2.  Click on CHARTS
  3. For full view click on FULL SCREEN. To go back to the standard view click RESTORE.
  4. To place an order, click on the price next to the instrument to see the trade ticket.
  5. Set up the details of your order:  Type (Market) ---  Quantity -------- Duration -------
  6. To place related orders click on Add Take profit / Stop Loss  and click APPLY.
  7. The bottom section of the trade ticket shows additional information about the order including costs, estimated Margin impact and the value date of the position.
  8. When ready, click on Sell or Buy. In the new window you can check again the details of your order. Click Confirm to place the order.
  9. In the notification panel you can see the trade confirmation.​


  1. The open positions can be viewed in the position section. You can Close your position here, and you can also add or amend related Take profit or Stop Loss order by clicking on the tab in the respective columns.
  2. There is an account field in the bottom of your screen where you can get information about your Account's balance, value, margin available or Margin utilization.
  3. For more information about the platform possibilities and our products go to the Settings icon, click Help and take the tour, or visit our help portal.​


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